with LED

General principles of the germicidal
Effect of UVC

Disinfection with UVC radiation as an alternative to chemical agents is now technically mature, safe and easy to use and scientifically proven to be extremely effective.

The DNA of yeasts, fungi, bacteria and viruses present in the water, in the air or on surfaces are damaged by UVC radiation in a very short time. The microorganisms are deactivated (killed) and their reproduction prevented. The short-wave and high-energy UVC radiation required for this in a wavelength range of 220 to 280 Nm was previously produced by toxic mercury vapour lamps.

A completely old-fashioned and extremely questionable technology, which has been banned with minor restrictions in the EU for years and can now finally be successfully replaced by LED technology.

Further information and technical data as PDF

We develop and manufacture customised solutions for very special or specific areas of application in close cooperation with our customers.

  • public transport
  • supermarkets
  • Lifts
  • cable cars, gondolas
  • gaming machines
  • Special vehicles
  • Handrail sterilisation using UVC light
  • Escalators
  • Steam bath, wellness

Advantages of LED versus mercury vapour lamp and chemical disinfection methods

  • No warm-up phase of the lamp necessary
    It can be switched on and off in tenths of a second, so it is 100% sensor compatible ( movement, presence, gas, smell, etc.)
  • No waiting time required
    After completion of UV disinfection, the room can be used immediately.
  • No multi-resistance formation
    Multi-resistance does not form during irradiation with UV light.
  • For safe disinfection
    UVC disinfection reliably eliminates even multi-resistant pathogens.
  • Purely natural method
    Environmentally friendly UV light disinfection without chemicals.
  • No odour formation
    No need to use chemicals, no unpleasant odours.
  • Maximum protection in use
    Immediate interruption of UV radiation when there is movement in the room.
  • No extra staff required
    Easy handling with low personnel requirements.
  • No emission of IR radiation
    Temperature neutral as no heating of media and surfaces by the UV light.